How to use and understand typefaces and be conscious of the role and expression of letters in graphic design.
Some key topics that are discussed as a part of the meetup:
   • choosing and pairing typefaces
    • history of typography
    • technology of type and font making 
    • technical and practical aspects of typefaces – functionality
    • letterforms expression in the context of created designs
    • collaborative analysis of digital typefaces
Atendees are welcome to ask question throughout the entire workshop, both during the lecture and excercise parts.
In case if:
   you need a receipt for the workshop
    • you can't afford to pay the full price but would still like to participate
    • you have any questions related the content of the workshop
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1. The organizer and owner of the workshop is Borys Kosmynka (70 Co-Operation Road, BS5 6EJ Bristol)
2. The workshop will take place on the date listed at the Eventbrite page
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6. It is possible to transfer a ticket and attendance to another person, please contact by e-mail to do so.
7. As part of the workshop the attendees will be provided with digital pdf materials during or after the class.
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