In the projects that I undertake I always try to combine creative freedom of design with in-depth research of source materials. Looking at ephemera, found lettering that exist in public spaces, and analysing how it is processed through modern viewer perception, and what it could mean for a potential design means that the projects can connect with the audience, while being fresh and expressive. Aside from commissioned custom designs, font production, and typographic consulting, I created a workshop series that allow designers to get a deeper understanding of typography they use. 

I also do my best to be engaged in the Polish and UK type and design scene. If you are interested in my work, would like to collaborate or have a chat about typefaces, feel free to reach out.
2015/2020 – PhD in Fine Arts in the Graphic Design Cathedral of Graphic Arts and Painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts of Władysław Strzeminski in Lodz, PL.
2018/2019 – Master of Arts in Typeface Design at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication of the University of Reading, in Reading, UK.
2008/2014Master of Fine Arts Diploma in Graphic Design Cathedral of Graphic Arts and Painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts of Władysław Strzeminski in Lodz, PL.
2011/2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts of University of Montana Western as part of Mary Baker Emerick Art Scolarship program, graduated with Magna Cum Laude (with high honors), Dillon, MT, USA. 
Professional experience:
2020 – present: TDBK – Independent typeface design and typographic consultancy.
2019 – 2020: Brody Associates – Typeface Designer under Creative Direction of Neville Brody
2016 – 2019: Freelance Graphic and Type design
2015 – 2016: OSOM Studio – Senior Graphic Designer

Clients and brands I worked with: Google Fonts, Brody Associates, Longines Watch Company (Brody Associates), The Coca Cola Company (Brody Associates), Leniva Studio, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland

Talks, workshops, conferences:
12.2021 – University of Reading: – the exhibition talk and presentation
01.2021 – University of Reading: The models of Hebrew type design in Europe – a talk for MATD students
12.2020 – Poltawski Nowy – typeface development talk and presentation with the project team
09.2019 – ATypI Tokyo – conference manager – workshops, exhibitions, and volunteer management
07.2019 – Type Thursday London – Pactio – MATD Typeface presentation
09.2018 – ATypI Antwerp – conference manager – workshops, exhibitions, shops, and volunteer management
09.2017 – ATypI Montreal – Safekeeping of the Legacy of the Book Arts Museum in Lodz – talk
09.2017 – ATypI Montreal – conference organizer – workshops and volunteer management
06.2017 – MOCAK (PL) – The Art of Books – Traditional printing and bookmaking at the Book Arts Museum in Lodz
05.2017 – TypoBerlin – Wanderlust in the Book Arts Museum in Lodz – an insight talk about Polish type history
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