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Hic Sunt Leones! Recreating Ubi Leones identity was something completely new and different for. For the first time we invited other designers to collaborate. We had a great pleasure to work with world renowned illustrator Marcello Crescenzi and a rising star of modern typography, Borys Kosmynka, PhD. We’re proud to present our first collab in which alchemy of medieval and reneissance cartography meets ultimate vector precision.
TYPOTEKA – Index of Polish Typefaces
Typoteka.pl is an index of typefaces created by authors associated with Poland. Various authors (type designers, artists, letterers, engravers, punchcutters) design forms of script (letters and signs), so that others can use these letters and signs to create inscriptions and to compose texts. Typoteka.pl focuses on forms of script created for the needs of typography: typefaces. Typefaces are letters and signs created for automated setting of texts (typesetting), and are reproduced as metal fonts, matrices, transfer media, and finally as digital fonts. We hope that others create similar indexes that catalog other, equally important, forms of script: inscriptions made in stone, lettering, calligraphy. www.typoteka.pl
Półtawski Nowy – Revival Project (FREE FONT)
AFISZUJ SIĘ! free fonts & ilutrations
Afiszuj się! (pl. Let’s show off!) is an online project devoted to interwar Polish advertising, in the form of posters, posters, advertisements in the illustrated press, newspapers and leaflets. On the website afiszujsie.art you can find a gallery containing the most interesting examples of polish advertising from the beginning of 20th century, and absolutely free (for personal and commercial use) package containing 3 typefaces and plenty of ilustrations from the era! Co-financed by the National Center for Culture as part of the Culture on the Web program. authors of the project: Sonia Jaszczyńska, Ania Wieluńska texts: Aleksandra Maria Lewandowska-Ferenc, Andrzej Tomaszewski, Michał Warda proofreading and editing: Elżbieta Stachyra authors of the fonts: Borys Kosmynka, Filip Tofil, Ania Wieluńska ilustrations: Igor Kubik research query: Agnieszka Woźniak-Wieczorek programming: Michał Czarnota translation: Anna Naumova support: OKI OKI Studio, Mateusz Machalski
BRYGADA 1918 (Free Font)
BRYGADA 1918 is a digital revival project of Brygada typeface done thanks to the support of the “Niepodległa” program and the President of the Republic of Poland. The source of inspiration lies in casting matrices found by Janusz Paweł Tryzno In the Book Art Museum in Lodz. Extended Btygada 1918 family including 6 versions is available for download under Open Font License. We hope that through its use the Brygada 1918 project will benefit the building common conscience of type design – a domain of significant, culture building character. Team: Mateusz Machalski, Borys Kosmynka, Przemysław Hoffer, Ania Wieluńska learn more and download 6 free styles at: http://brygada1918.eu
MKA/Book Art Museum Poster Project
Poster/Information booklet design created for the Book Art Museum in Lodz, Poland
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