The Book Art Museum Poster project. 

The design is a combination of a poster and an information guide to the Book Art Museum in Lodz, PL. It contains the description of all the areas of interest of our work both in the workshop and the collection. 

After folding it is less than A4 (it is folded asymmetrically so it is non ISO format). The poster has a cut in the middle, which allows it to be browsed through as a booklet, but after folding it open it is still full size B1 print, which makes it fit the standard frame.

For the print we agreed upon pantone 873C (copper gold) and 490C (burgundy), that emphasize the traditional, elegant character of the institution. 

As it is numbered issue #01 we are planning to release more in the future, as a limited volume collectible print created in collaboration with various designers. 

On the reverse there is a promo print of Brygada typeface that is currently in production as a digital font (cooperation with Distort Visual). The print was done with a use of a woodcut matrix on a printing press using a silver offset paint (if you look closely you can see the wood texture in the print). 

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